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Artwork on The Lake

A fourth mural will be on display at Clevedon Marine Lake early summer, featuring a poem from Writing on The Lake and another colourful design by Nancy Farmer.

Writing on the Lake is an anthology of poetry and prose inspired by Clevedon Marine Lake and was published by Clevedon Community Press in April 2016 in collaboration with Marlens.  The book is a celebration of the lake, inspired by the lake. Thirty-three local people share their vivid memories and imaginations and feelings about this amazing place.

‘Resurrection Lake’ was written on the lake blackboard when it re-opened in 2015 and has been much appreciated ever since – but is now faded.  The poem captures the essence and revitalisation of Clevedon Marine Lake, and a mural will help preserve it, for all to enjoy, for years to come.

Resurrection Lake by Bernie Jordan

Cradled beneath a wooded hill,

A sweeping concrete wall of white

Curves around a man-made lake,

Holding the rippling waters tight.

Grey, at times, with wind-lashed waves,

Or burning red at end of day,

Dazzling gold in the heat of the sun

Or silvered with moonlight across the bay.

Restored, renewed, brought back to life,

Result of many years’ endeavour.

So come, enjoy, walk, swim or sail,

Make sure Marine Lake lasts forever!

Marlens is hugely grateful to the following people for their contributions toward the fourth mural:

  1. Nancy Farmer for donating the artwork.

  2. Unique Tiles for providing the tiles free of charge.

  3. Peter Gibbs, Clevedon Literary Festival organiser, in collaboration with Clevedon Community Bookshop, for championing the project.

Marlens is using £600 from its 2019 fund raising coffers to pay for the installation of the mural.  It is hoped the mural will be installed for Lake Day on 9th May 2020, but if not, then in time for Clevedon Literary Festival on 13th June 2020.

In April 2018, MARLENS (Marine Lake Enthusiasts), the charity behind the lake, installed three colourful ceramic murals (below) to cheer up the concrete and stone lake surrounds.  The three designs were donated by local artist and outdoor swimmer Nancy Farmer and bring to life different aspects of activity at the lake – cold water swimming, crabbing, model boating and a variety of water sports.

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