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Clevedon Marine Lake needs you!

Marlens, the charity behind the lake, is looking to elect some new Trustees to join the board at this year’s AGM, to help direct and support the future of the lake.

MARLENS’ AGM opens its doors to the lake community on Sunday 15th March starting at 6.30pm in Clevedon Sailing Club. All welcome to attend including volunteers, Friends, Lottery members, lake users, clubs and coaches.

Any member may volunteer or nominate somebody for Trustee.  Paid-up Marlens’ members (which includes Marlens’ Lottery members and Friends of Clevedon Marine Lake) have a vote.  Others are welcome to attend and join in the discussion.

Trustee nominations may be sent to Marlens’ Chair by email ( or post (Newton House, 25 Hill Road, Clevedon  BS21 7NE) .

Each nomination should include the names of the nominee (who must be 16 or over), proposer and seconder. Before nominating, please confirm that the nominee is prepared to act if elected. Nominations should reach the Chair by Monday 9th March.  Nominations will also be accepted at the AGM.

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