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Join in! 24-hour relay challenge

Are you ready for a challenge? Working with Level Water, we’ve set up something big, something brilliant…!

You’ve stumbled upon the newest, hardest and most ridiculous swim out there. This is the kind of swim that makes your friends say, ‘Of course you are, classic you doing something totally unbelievable’.

Sound familiar? Welcome to your next challenge. A 24-hour swim relay where you and up to seven others swim for an hour each until 24 hours is up. 

At this point, it’s probably a HELL YES or a straight-up no.

If you’re not sure by now, then it’s probably not for you. It’s for those who seek out the extreme and know when not to quit. Who thrive in the challenge and know that if you keep going, anything is possible. Who are determined and know when to just dig in and swim. It’s not about winning. Because the most satisfying point isn’t the end. It’s knuckling down during a night swim, supporting your friends, the feeling of dawn. It’s the challenge, not just the finish line.

They say the night is darkest before the dawn. Are you willing to find out?…….while swimming?

What’s this all about? Give me the basics…

Ok, so basically you gather a team of 4 swimmers who love an epic challenge and head to Clevedon Marine Lake on Saturday 11 September 2021. Then, at 11am on the dot, one of you jumps in and swims for an hour. It’s not a race. There’s no finish line. You just swim for an hour. Then the next swimmer, then the next until 24 hours is up and you’re shattered, but elated that you’ve just completed one of the hardest swimming challenges out there. 

Ok, I’m intrigued. What do you mean it’s not a race? 

I mean you’re not competing against anyone but yourself. It’s an endurance event and there are no winners medals (although you’ll probably get a ‘you’re incredible’ medal from Level Water). The challenge is how far you can push yourself through the tiredness. Through the cold. How you can support each other through the harder hours.

Even though it’s not a race, it would still be great to be able to track how far each team swims in the 24 hours. If you have a couple of people who can come along to help you count that would be great otherwise you can count for each other.

This sounds incredible. What kit would I need?

The most important thing to bring along is warm clothes because you will get cold. And make sure to bring plenty of food and drink for the duration. You’ll also want to try and grab a nap in between your swims so sleeping bags would be useful. You’ll have three hours between your swims so there’s plenty of time to nip off for a nap. 

You will need a tow float and light so we can keep an eye on you at night. We can help you source them if you don’t already have them.

It’s up to you what you wear to swim in. You can wear a wetsuit if you like or brave it in a costume. You can use flippers or hand paddles to help you along.

o it’s £200 to enter a team. Is there a fundraising target? 

It’s £200 per team but you don’t need to pay for it yet because, chances are, you don’t know who’ll be swimming with you. We’ll ask each team member to make a £50 donation onto their JustGiving page once they’ve signed up. For that £50 you’ll each get a Level Water piece of kit, some refreshments on the day and total support from us throughout.

With the fundraising, the team captain will set up a team page on JustGiving with each team member then creating their own page connected to that team. It’s pretty easy and we’ll help you sort it out. Everyone will have a £200 fundraising target and you’ll get rewards for how much you raise.

Is it safe?

There’ll be plenty of measures in place to make sure all swimmers are safe. From canoes out on the lake, lifeguards on the side, first aid close by and plenty of motivation and encouragement from us.

As mentioned above, please bring a tow float, light that you can swim with in the bag or on your goggles and a whistle. This is so we can easily spot you at night and you can draw attention to yourself if you get into any difficulties.

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