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Stay safe in the cold

As we go into the winter season, here is some information about cold water swimming and water quality at Clevedon Marine Lake.

Be bold in the cold

It’s no secret that cold water dipping has amazing mental health and wellbeing benefits. Over the past year, especially since Covid struck, we have seen so many more people trying out winter swimming.

But it is an extreme sport with very real risks to your health, even death. Last year, we saw lots of people getting ill because they didn’t know these risks. Please make sure you learn how to swim safely before trying out cold water swimming:

  1. Read up on cold water swimming safety

  2. Join a coached group

  3. Remember that you swim at your own risk

Winter water quality

We stop testing the water quality in Clevedon Marine Lake from October 1st. Why? Because cold water kills bacteria. Also, fewer people use the lake than in the summer and that means the water is likely to remain good or excellent. Our last test of the summer on September 27th 2021 showed that the water quality was excellent.

The only time to be careful is when Surfers Against Sewage puts out a pollution warning in the sea AND this coincides with the lake being topped over (high tide height >12.6m).

Happy winter swimming. Stay safe.

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