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Water quality is POOR

A sample was taken from Clevedon Marine Lake on Thursday 28th May and the results indicate that the water quality in the lake is currently poor.

It is recommended that the public do not swim in the lake until the water has refreshed, especially if unwell or with low immunity.

Anyone choosing to swim is advised to wear ear plugs and goggles to protect against infection.  All visitors having contact with the lake water are advised to wash or cleanse hands before eating.

Clevedon Marine Lake will be closed all day Wednesday and Thursday this week, as well as early Friday morning, to drain and refresh the water.  The lake will fully refill during Friday’s high spring tide at 7.20am – and will be accessible to the public from 9am on 5th June.  The water quality will be retested on Tuesday 9th June after the series of overtopping tides.

Two red flags will be put up at the lake today, located at either end of the lake, adjacent to the information boards with an explanatory notice.

When a red flag is flying, it means the water quality in Clevedon Marine Lake is POOR.

Alerts are also shared on social media and via our BLOG to explain the situation and actions being taken.  Information is shared to allow lake users to make an informed decision about entering the water.

The schedule for testing water quality during the warm summer months, when the lake is heavily used, is detailed below.  Samples are taken before and after each series of overtopping tides (approximately those over 12.5m).

4 – 8th June

21st – 24th July

18th – 23rd August

16th – 22nd September

There are marginal overtops 5th – 6th July and 4th – 5th August.  These will only be tested if there is an indication of water quality problems.

Under normal circumstances, the water quality in the Severn Estuary, which refills the lake, is monitored regularly by the Environment Agency throughout May to September, with samples taken from Clevedon Beach adjacent to Clevedon Marine Lake.  Poor water quality warnings for the estuary are issued on-line and often coincide with periods of heavy rain, causing run-off from the land.

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