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Clevedon Marine Lake

Clevedon Marine Lake is a tidal pool on the Somerset coast. It gets filled with seawater from the Bristol Channel every spring tide. It’s a safe place to play, swim and boat and an important part of Clevedon’s community.

Clevedon Marine Lake is owned by North Somerset Council. It is run by a charity called Marlens who raise money to keep it in good, clean, safe order.

Location, location, location

Clevedon Marine Lake is a fantastic site for educational visits including geography field trips and water sport experiences.

Clevedon Marine Lake is also a great spot for running clubs and coached sessions. It has also been used as a filming location for productions including Broadchurch, Sanditon and Saving Lives at Sea.

Enquire here about lake hire, club membership, registration and lake usage fees.

Please contact for information about our Key Stage 2 Education packs and take a look at Club Sessions.

Meet the Marlens



Mar(ine) L(ake) En(thusiast)s

Marlens is the charity that runs Clevedon Marine Lake. We are made up of a board of trustees and volunteers who clean and maintain the lake. We formed Marlens in 2004 to revive the lake, which we renovated in 2015. You can read our history here.

The board of trustees looks after the smooth running of the lake. We all love the lake and work hard to manage everything from how donations are spent, water quality and hire to social media and events.​

The board includes: Sarah Swash (Chair, pictured), Lily Southam (Treasurer), Mike Farmer, Mike Perrott, Myles Podimore, Tim Clouter, Laura Nesbitt, Donna Littleton and Helen Sharp.

Love the lake crew

Our amazing team of volunteers look after the lake every day. They pick up litter, dog poo and broken glass, find and log lost property and flag up any issues with the lake.

Technical Team

Our technical team work hard to fix leaks, mend broken pumps and steps and plan new benches. They work especially hard during drain downs to keep the lake ship shape.

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