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Access for people with disabilities

Clevedon Marine Lake is working hard to give everyone access to the water. We believe that water sports like swimming and kayaking should be open to all.

You will soon be able to book to use our accessible changing room and hoist if you have a disability. This will be free of charge. Please email to register your interest.

We are also installing a hoist at either end of the lake plus new priority steps for people with extra needs.


The Salthouse fields is the main public car park. It has five disabled bays. You can find out more here.

There is also a car park at the Salthouse pub. This is intended for the pub’s customers and only has one disabled parking bay.

Plan your visit

Food, drink and toilets

There are accessible toilets in the chalet at the north end of the lake. These cost 20p to use.

If you have booked our accessible changing room at the Hive, you can use the toilet in here.

The Salthouse pub is accessible and has a toilet for its customers.

Getting Around

The lake is surrounded by smooth concrete. This is the lower promenade. There are wide, wheelchair and mobility scooter-friendly slopes at either end of the lake that take you from the upper promenade to lower promenade.

  • 250m from disabled parking bays to the south end of the lake

  • 375m from disabled parking bays to the Hive

The Hive

The Hive is a brand new volunteer workspace with a changing room and toilet for people with disabilities.

This is also where we keep our Oxford Dipper hoist.

You will be able to book the changing room and hoist if you have a disability.

Available to book here soon.


The Hoist

Our bookable hoist is free to use.

If you need a hoist to get into the water, we will have one that you can use. You will be able to use it to:

  1. Access deep water from the south end of the lake

  2. Access shallow water from the north end of the lake

We have a ranger chair and sling to enable you to use it in the way that suits you. When you book the hoist, we will allocate a volunteer to help you move the hoist into place and access it. Please note that our volunteers are not able to assist you in or out of the water – you will need to bring a carer to operate the hoist.

Available to book here soon

Lake Sunset.jpg

Accessing the lake

Clevedon Marine Lake has a smooth concrete surround. You can use the ramp with handrails at either end of the lake to get from the upper promenade to the lower promenade. This is wide enough for wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

If you’re able to, you can access the water by using the wide, shallow metal steps with handrails located at the south end of the lake closest to the Salthouse pub. You can choose to use the steps closest to the pub to get into shallow water (>90cm deep) or the steps at the far side by the water tower to get into deeper water (>140cm deep).

From October 2022, we will have priority steps for those with additional needs. This means that you can take your time to get into the water.

There are concrete benches around the lake to sit on.

There is a slipway at the far end of the lake, but this is extremely slippery so please don’t use it.

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