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The Deep End Water Temperature is:
The Shallow End Water Temperature is:

Lake Temperature Graphs

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Click on a point to find the temperature

Click on a point to find the temperature

Note: The API which obtains the data for this graph is a little unreliable, so you may need to click a few options to get a result. It will be rewritten at some point to use a more reliable process. The API is limited to 75 data points maximum. As the sensor reports every 30 minutes, this limits the timeframe to about 37 hours (2 x 37 = 74). If the timeframe is greater than 37 hours, every nth data point (calculated by Modulus of total data points divided by 75) is returned. This can result in the maximum and minimum values being flattened out, which somewhat defeats the object of having an accurate thermometer. 


We automatically take the lake temperature every 30 minutes and if you are connected to the Internet, it's available for you to check here, at any time, anywhere!

Using some very clever technology, the temperature is taken every 30 minutes and is beamed via a bespoke wireless signal to a gateway hub and uploaded into the cloud. From there we obtain the latest reading and display it here, on these web pages.

Thanks to very generous crowd funding, we have two sensors, one at the deep end and another at the shallow end.

Each sensor has its own, hard coded, unique identity and can only be used if connected into the cloud, so it's of no use if anyone should steal it!

They have been calibrated in boiling water (100 degrees Celsius) so are as accurate as we can make them.

Unless you put your own thermometer in exactly the same location as ours, you are very likely to get a slightly different reading. This is because although it may look still, water in the lake is constantly moving. If you would like to know more about the fascinating subject of water temperature, click on this link. If you would like to know more about the clever technology behind our system click here.

This system has been entirely paid for by generous swimmers and other water users crowd funding it! Thank you if you are one of them. Not everyone wants to know the temperature of the lake water so we didn't use hard come by MARLENS funds.

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