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Plan your visit

Opening times

Clevedon Marine Lake is open 24/7 almost every day of the year. No need to book. Please check the calendar before you visit to avoid disappointment.


You can park in the Salthouse Fields pay and display car park BS21 7TU There are six disabled parking bays.

Book and pay

Clevedon Marine Lake is open access. You don’t need to book. Please check the calendar for busy times and closures. The lake is run by a charity. Please donate every time you visit, join our lottery or become a lake member.

Leave your dog at home

Dogs around the lake pose a very serious risk to human health. Even if you pick up after your dog, germs from their wee and poo can get into the water and make people sick. The worm, flea and tick treatment on their skin can also get into the water. You can take your dog to Little Harp beach instead.

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Come for a Swim
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Plan your visit

People of any age and fitness can enjoy swimming, dipping and playing in the water. The water is shallow around the edges and deep by the sea wall. There are no tides or currents, but the water is cold.

There are no lifeguards so swim at your own risk. Please read up on swim safety before your visit. 

Swim Safe

  • Look after children and non/weak swimmers;

  • Do not dive or jump from the edge;

  • You can jump from the ‘pontoon’ or platform in the middle of the lake;

  • Do not walk on the sea wall – it is very slippery and the drop on the other side is deadly;

  • The slipway is also very slippery so please do not walk on it.

Swimmers' code


Follow the swimmers’ code for safe and happy swimming:

  • No diving

  • Give way to swimmers coming out of the lake before you get in

  • Wear a brightly coloured swim hat

  • Fast/lap swimmers swim up and down the sea wall

  • Respect other lake users


Shared Use

Clevedon Marine Lake is open to swimmers, paddle-boarders and kayakers. Clubs and coaches also use the lake – check the calendar for times. 

When the boats are on the lake, please:

  • Wear a brightly colour hat

  • Do not swim near the boats

  • When the sailing club cadets are on the water stay down the Salthouse end of the lake and do not swim near the boats – the cadets are learning how to control their craft.


Tips for cold water

The water can be very cold at any time of the year. To avoid getting into danger, please:

  • Don’t jump or dive in

  • Get out before you get too cold

  • Wrap up warmly after your swim

  • Don’t drink alcohol and swim

  • Swim with a friend


Find a Swim Coach

Our swim coaches offer lessons and groups to swimmers of all ages and abilities.

To find a coach and join a session, please visit our clubs and coaches page, choose a coach and get in touch with them directly.

If you want to run a club or lessons at Clevedon Marine Lake, please contact us:


Water Quality

We test the lake’s water quality through the summer. If the red flag is flying it means that the water is not safe to swim in.

We will also update the home page and blog.



We run events for casual and serious swimmers.

Please watch this space for upcoming events.

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