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Drain down: Lake closed

The Marine Lake will be emptied of water from Friday 19th March. It will refill at high tide on Sunday 28th March.

We empty the lake twice a year to remove the silt and mud from the lake floor. The huge tides in the Bristol Channel cause the silt to never settle, and every time the tide tops over the lake wall it dumps the silt into the lake. Over time, the silt would cause the lake to become shallower and shallower, and it would also collect bacteria that would reduce the quality of the water.

By emptying the lake twice a year, we can hire a digger to remove some of the silt. It also gives us the chance to carry out essential repairs and maintenance. We have plans to:

  1. Add hooks so that clubs and coaches can rope off small areas for training and lessons

  2. Improve disabled access

  3. Fix a leak in the sea wall

  4. Clean seaweed off the slipway and steps

  5. Add steps at the shallow end of the lake for better access

Donate now

The licence to put the silt and mud back in the sea is very costly, as is the hire of the digger. If you enjoy using the lake, please consider donating.

You can donate your time, too.  There will be a clean-up working party meeting by the shuttered store near the amusement arcade at 9am on Saturday 27th March. Please do come along and help.

See the calendar for more info about what’s going on at Clevedon Marine Lake.

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