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Where Tide and Time Wait

Clevedon Marine Lake: Powered by Volunteers

Tidal infinity pool filled with seawater

Open almost every day of the year 24/7. No need to book. Please donate an entry fee.

Please plan your visit here. Look at the calendar and tide times before you come.

Lake temperature


date & time

Water Quality


From a water sample taken on 06/10/23.

Results are deemed 'Excellent' as stated for Coastal and Transitional waters in The Bathing Water Regulations 2013

The next over topping tides

The next expected over topping tides will be as follows:

Sunday 26th November 05:44  12.6m

                                    18:06  12.8m

   Monday 27th November  06:26  12.8m 

                                   18:48 12.9m

   Tuesday 28th November  07:05  12.8m

                                     19:29  12.7m

Wednesday 29th November 07:44 12.6m


The following expected tide over top would then be January 12th 2024

Tides higher than 12.6m will come over the lake wall.

We don’t advise swimming when the lake is overtopping. If you do, please stay away from the sea wall. Check tide times here.

Your Visit

What You Need to Know

Open all year every day except a few - check the calendar before you come. Swim, paddle, crab, SUP or canoe. Please no motorised boats, hydrofoils or windsails. No dogs at any time - they affect our water quality.

Parking and Access

Use the Salthouse Field car park

Pay and display

Disabled bays

Smooth tarmac paths from the car park to the lake with a couple of slopes and ramps.

Chalet toilets by the arcade 20p

At the Lake

We welcome:

Model boats


Sorry, no:

Motorised craft


Help the Lake

Enjoyed your visit? Please:


Donate £2 every time you visit


Become a member


Join our lottery


Become a volunteer


The lake is looked after by a charity called Marlens. Registered charity number 1156426.


September's Lottery Winners:

1st prize £170 P Moseley
2nd £90 P O Roberts
3rd £50 P Harris

Want to be in with a chance of winning? The Lottery costs £60 a year and draws take place monthly. The more people play, the bigger the prize money!

Next Draw November 11th @ The Salthouse


Water Quality

More About Water Quality

From a water sample taken on 06/10/23.

Results are deemed 'Excellent' as stated for Coastal and Transitional waters in The Bathing Water Regulations 2013

The water in Clevedon Marine Lake is tested every two weeks* from May to September. It is rated against EU bathing water standards as: excellent, good, sufficient or poor.

Poor water quality usually happens when:

  • There is a heatwave, loads of people use the lake and water temperatures exceed 22 degrees centigrade;

  • The lake is over-topped with water from the Bristol Channel during a pollution warning.

When this happens, you should take extra care to keep yourself well.  We recommend:

  • Using goggles and earplugs when you swim;

  • Using hand sanitiser as soon as you leave the water;

  • Washing your hands before you eat;

  • Showering when you get home;

  • Avoiding swimming when the lake is warm and crowded;

  • Avoiding swimming when the lake has topped over after a storm.

You always use Clevedon Marine Lake at your own risk. Please remember that it is a natural body of water that contains sea life.

*It takes 48 hours to process a water quality test.

Water Quality

Get Involved


Our volunteers

Support our work

Our lake would not run without the hard work of our brilliant volunteers. There are lots of ways you can give back to the lake. You can become a member, join our lottery or donate every time you visit.

Find a Coach or Club

Get Active

We have coaches and clubs who run one-to-one and group sessions at Clevedon Marine Lake. You can try open water swimming, SUP, canoeing and more.

If you're a club or coach and you want to use the lake, please email



Summer 2023

Join us for one of our challenge events organised by Clevedon Open Water. The historic long swim, or the aquathlon or swim run... or all three!

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