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24-hour relay swim

From Saturday, July 2nd to Sunday, July 3rd, Clevedon Marine Lake will be hosting a 24-hour relay swim. Through this epic challenge, 30 teams of swimmers will keep up a non-stop relay throughout the day and night. Dark water, eels and constant swimming for an hour at a time… Sounds fun, right?

The teams are taking on this challenge for the charity Level Water. Level Water provides swimming lessons for children who can’t manage mainstream classes because of a physical or sensory disability. It offers an otherwise excluded group of children the chance to have fun, enjoy the benefits of swimming and learn vital water safety skills.

Proceed will also be split with Clevedon Marine Lake. Having just built a changing room for people with disabilities and installed a hoist to help people access the water, we’ll use these vital funds to make a booking system and train our volunteers.

Vital funds

It costs more than £20k a year to maintain the lake. It’s essential that it stays open and accessible to anyone and everyone – regardless of income, ability, background etc. While some people who enjoy the lake donate to swim here, not everyone can, and fundraisers like this one make all the difference.

With this in mind, please be patient. Clevedon Marine Lake will be closed to the general public from 9am on the 2nd until 1pm on the 3rd.

Please do come and watch, donate and cheer on the swimmers!

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