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Every year, we drain the lake to remove the silt build-up. But this is also our chance to clean seaweed and algae off the steps, fix broken or worn fittings, add new features and facilities… and search through the mud for lost property!

All this work is done by a team of volunteers. And you can help too. On Saturday 20th March, we will meet by the lock-up on the upper-promenade near the coastguard’s hut from 9 am. Or, you can turn up at any point and ask a volunteer in a turquoise tabard what you can do.

The drain down timetable

Friday 19th March:

  1. Open penstock, 9-10 am and put out barriers.

  2. Close penstock, 7 pm.


Saturday 20th March, 9 am to 6 pm: 

  1. Open lower lake penstock to drain out residual water, then close it

  2. Search lake bed for lost property and bring anything of value to the shuttered shelter to be recorded

  3. Remove debris from lake bed. Check the edges carefully for broken glass

  4. Scrub weed from steps and handrails, using wire brushes

  5. Tighten bolts

  6. Pressure wash splash pool and slipway

Monday 22nd to Friday 26th March:

  1. Digger to remove silt from the lake bed. No public access during this time.

Friday 26th March 6 pm onwards (after digger finishes):

  1. Re-position any buoys which have been disturbed by the dredging.

Saturday 27 March 9 am-12

Note: High tide (6 am, 6.15 pm) may start to refill the lake depending on the weather.

  1. Clean mud off the lower promenade

  2. Remove mud left by the digger on the ramps and upper promenade

  3. Put up flags on all the remaining flagpoles

  4. Remove barriers

The lake will refill from the overtopping tide at 7.30 am on Sunday 28th March.

Voluntary work is allowed under government guidance. Please make sure that you keep socially distanced, bring your hand sanitiser and your own gardening or rubber gloves. Please don’t come if you or anyone in your household has symptoms of coronavirus, or if you have been told to self-isolate.

All ages and abilities are welcome. Volunteering work is done at your own risk.

Can’t help this time?

Please consider donating to Marlens, the charity that looks after the lake.

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