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Red flag means poor water quality

If a red flag is flying, it means the water quality in Clevedon Marine Lake is currently POOR.

A sample was taken from Clevedon Marine Lake on Thursday 28th May and the results indicate that the water quality in the lake is currently POOR.  More information can be found here.

It is recommended that the public do not swim in the lake until the water has refreshed, especially if unwell or with low immunity.

Information is shared to allow lake users to make an informed decision about entering the water.

Alerts are shared on notices either end of the lake (see below), social media and via our BLOG to explain the situation and actions being taken.

Clevedon Marine Lake is a semi-natural environment.  It is a living space filled by sea water from the Severn Estuary.  Consequently, there are risks associated with entering the water.

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